BlogA Time for Celebration, 20 Year Anniversary

A Time for Celebration, 20 Year Anniversary

A Time for Celebration, 20 Year Anniversary

Added 8 years, 7 months ago.

E & B Group Ltd recently reached a milestone that has created an opportunity to reflect on 20 years of commercial endeavour in an industry that has seen many changes in that time. After the original business was founded in 1966 it operated primarily in the domestic market gaining a well deserved reputation for service and quality. On the 20th of September 1993 the company was incorporated and a new era began with the biggest challenge to date to venture in to the commercial arena.  Since that time the business has developed and grown from a fast paced sub contractor in to an established principle contractor. Many lessons have been learnt along the way. As with any business that is fortunate enough to have longevity there are great people that have been involved from the very beginning and sadly some who are no longer with us. It is on these occasions that we can all reflect on their achievements and the times we have shared.

We now look forward to the future and new challenges. E&B Group Ltd is now established as a leading specialist in operating in “live” environments, in particular data centres and associated facilities. Not to mention all of the general services that we also provide as listed on this website.

We look forward to reaching the next milestone in 2018 when we will celebrate a quarter century of service.