The policy of E&B Group Ltd is to develop, operate and advise in an environmentally responsible manner.

Recognising that in the construction industry there are widely varying areas in terms of promoting, measuring and improving efficiencies through improved working practices, E&B Group Ltd have a continual objective to :-

  • Promote the sustainable development agenda
  • Reduce over design
  • Promote resource efficient components and devices
  • Reduce construction waste and ensure it is handled in a responsible manner and/or recycled
  • Enhance the working environment for employees, clients and public alike.
  • Manage a good neighbour policy.
  • Control noise pollution
  • Identify any potential risks and recommend solutions to eliminate or control.
  • Develop and co-ordinate Health & Safety Plans compliant with legislation
  • Prepare and / or pass information to the Planning Supervisor for the Health & Safety Fire.