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Teddington Project is On The Move

Teddington Project is On The Move

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LGC is an international science-based company and market leader in analytical, forensic and diagnostic services and reference standards. They employ over 1,800 staff operating out of 22 countries. Their headquarters is in Teddington, South West London. E&B Group Ltd have secured, via competitive tender, works at the site valued in excess of £1m.

The aim of the project is to deliver upgraded and replacement chillers and cooling tower plant in order to provide a sustainable, cost effective mechanical cooling infrastructure.

The intention is to replace existing water cooled chillers with superior larger capacity units including replacement of existing cooling towers. The works will include the preparation of the site, enabling works and installation of the new equipment to deliver a “turnkey” fully tested and commissioned improved cooling system.

The project will deliver a rejuvenated and upgraded facility which will incorporate and develop energy saving opportunities that provide cost effective solutions in the future.

All of the works will be completed within a “live” building which will require excellent planning and communication skills with the emphasis on minimal disruption to the business activities of the client.