Our Mission

“To be recognised for business excellence, loyalty and integrity. To reflect and celebrate diversity in the services we offer and to be preferred by our partners, people and investors. We create, inform and innovate with style and are passionate about the quality and success of our people.”

Our Vision

“To become a continually better informed organisation enabling us to make better informed decisions, compliant with current best practice, simultaneously enabling us to offer better advice by example to clients and organisations who work with us. To maintain advances in sustainable development, contributing to improvement in business performance with both commercial and reputational benefits, brought about by prudent management of resources and relationships and to derive mutual benefits for ourselves, our clients, stakeholders and suppliers.”


Our Unique Selling Points

A business whose work in the last 12 months comprised of over 95% as Principal Contractor.A business that started out as a “traditional” M&E contractor founded nearly 50 years ago in 1966, which since 1998 has developed and evolved, and as such is now a bona fide Principal Contractor organisation with in house building experience – both technical and managerial. Given our “traditional” M&E origins, we now undertake Principal Contractor projects irrespective of whether the scope is “services driven”.

We have a 100% track record on delivery.

We have developed over 80% repeat business, over a 3 year cycle.   We rarely only undertake one project for a client, which we are proud of.